Indiscriminate and surrounded firing of pepper-spray projectiles nearly causes mass stampede

At around 11 pm on 29th February, 2020, the night of the six-month-anniversary of the 831 incident, citizens, reporters and protesters alike on Soy Street were completely surrounded by the police. The police had ordered the crowds to disperse multiple times, yet they did not provide an exit for them, and bombarded them with pepper-spray projectiles again and again, making the situation chaotic. Reporters tried to indicate that there was no escape path but were pushed away repeatedly by the officers. When a reporter questioned, “We have no say, have we?”, the officer replied, “Exactly!”

Reporters witnessing the scene described it as a “massacre”. PTU officers had seemingly “lost their minds” as they indiscriminately fired rounds of pepper-spray-pellets and pepper spray. Many present fell to the ground and had emotional breakdowns, one female reporter even injuring her head and knees and had to be carried on a stretcher bed by paramedics.



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