Illgelly imprison a car owner over 10 hours for not submitting car camera record

CCTV and record of car camera are evidences that both citizens and police force looked for in the past half year. However, Apple Daily received a complaint filed by a citizen named Ah-Keung. Police arrested him for his car camera record. Ah-Keung went to police station to help investigate, police officers did not find any relevant evidence from his car camera record. They accused Ah-Keung for destroying evidence deliberately, and sent him to San Uk Ling Holding Centre. Ah-Keung was detained for 10 hours without any charge. He got assaulted by police officers, and was forced to eat plain bread and drink toilet water. Lawyer Chan Wai Yuen criticised police’s unofficial arrest and blackmailing. ‘If an arrest was used as a weapon to control people, is this still an arrest? This could be an illegal imprisonment.’ Chan reminded Ah-Keung that, civilians are not obligated to assist with police investigation unless warrants are issued by a Magistrate.

Ah-Keung drove into the protesting area by mistake in August. ‘A bunch of riot police blocked my car so I turned the other way, and was stuck between protesters and police.’ He left after police’s dispersal operation. On the next day, a police officer called to make an appointed arrest, and demanded his car camera recording, which can help police identify who were throwing stuff. On the day of arrest, Ah-Keung explained to police that unsaved videos were deleted automatically due to limited memory storage, and therefore no relevant videos can be provided. 

After 2 hours inside the police station, he was sent to San Uk Ling with other arrestees by a tourist bus. Police refused to let him call a lawyer at first, but then told him to call with his own mobile phone. When Ah-Keung unlocked the phone with FaceID to make a call, the officer immediately robbed his phone. ‘How is this possible?’ Ah-Keung questioned. ‘We don’t have CCTV here, i can do anything I like,’ he teased back. The officer then send hundreds of messages to Ah-Keung’s WhatsApp contact list, asking them to send evidences of Ah-Keung attending illegal assemblies. ‘It was lucky that his tone was too different from mine, my friends didn’t believe it was me. After few dialogues, they soon realized that i was arrested,’ ‘He (the officer) asked for the identity of my friends with hitting and kicking, but i told him that “I’m not obligated to tell you”.’

Apple Daily