Hundreds of Police Officers cornered several citizens with Brutal Forces for Speaking Loudly and Using Foul Language

Netizens called for “Wo Nei Sing” (i.e. Singing together in malls for expression of discontent towards the government) in multiple districts of Hong Kong on 13th May 2020.  In response, police force operated in different districts in which 4 have been arrested in Sha Tin District.  The 4 arrested were asked by police officers about why they used foul language.  Sources indicated that the middle-aged man who was brought under control then arrested was not feeling well and was sent to hospital for treatment, he was granted bail with $400 deposit at mid-day on 14th May 2020.  The other two arrested young men are still being detained in Ma On Shan Police Station.

“Invited youngsters to come over for a conversation” and Youngsters Arrested Abruptly

At the lengthy staircase outside Sha Tin Town Hall, a middle-aged man was arrested on 13thMay 2020.  According to the video, the man was once in quarrel with police officers with certain level of foul language.  He was questioned by police officers for the reason of using foul language while he enquired the officers whether using foul language was against the law.  He was pressed with forces by officers onto the ground and then arrested.  Mr CHAN Wan-tung, member of Sha Tin District Council, provided assistance to the arrested man and pointed out that police accused the man of clamoring while the arrested expressed that he was not the clamorer and thus, got into quarrel with the policemen.  The man was shoved to the ground and then was arrested.  Mr CHAN also added that the arrested man had heard disease, felt unwell after arrest and was sent to Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment and was granted bail during mid-day of 14th May 2020 with $400 deposit.

On the other hand, there were also two young men being arrested at the opposite of the lengthy staircase, near the staircase of New Town Plaza.  According to Mr MAK Tsz-kin, member of Sha Tin District Council, policemen asked the two young men to come over for a conversation and suddenly took out handcuffs, accusing the young men for shouting slogans.  Mr MAK supplemented that the two young men were still being detained at Ma On Shan Police Station and had not yet been granted bail.

Police spokesperson stated that 3 men had been arrested outside Sha Tin Town Hall, aged between 17 to 52 years old.  They were arrested for disorder in public places and obstructing police officers in executing lawful duties.

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