Hong Kong Police Covers Arrested Individual’s Mouth From Saying His Name for Legal Help

At the night of September 21, during the disbursement operation near Mon Kok Police Station, police arrested a man that were mouthing at the police. The officer pulled the man’s hat off during the arrest. The arrested individual shout out loud of his identification information (so bystanders may record and follow up his arrest later), the officer cover his mouth preventing his identification. The police denied the arrested man’s request to use shield to hide his face which, was allowed during a separate arrest of a ‘white shirt’ (dress code for Pro-police group). The Police was accused of selective and unfair enforcement.


In the September 4th Police Press Conference, it was stated that all arrested individuals have the right to state their identification information, ‘it is their choice’. When asked if there are any laws that prohibits individuals from shouting out their ID info, officer Lee clearly answered, ‘of cause no’, but as shown in the video, the arresting officer was violating the basic human rights.