“Hong Kong Coalition” volunteers attack passers-by, Police say volunteers have legal rights

A pro-establishment group has recently set up a street station to recruit signatures in support of the “Hong Kong version of national security law”. On 28 May, outside Tin Shui Shopping Centre in Tin Shui Wai, a man was pressed to the ground by four men after a suspected argument with a street volunteer at the “Hong Kong Coalition” street station run by former District Councillor Ken Chow Wing-kan. According to the online clip, the man was held down for several minutes, during which time he repeatedly expressed discomfort, but the other party did not release him until police officers arrived.

According to live reports, the man in black and the street station volunteers argued for an unknown reason, and at one point the man in black picked up a wooden stool, but did nothing else. Suddenly the street station volunteers swarmed up and pushed the man in black roughly to the ground. A female resident passed by and tried to stop them, but she was grabbed by a volunteer at the street station and accused of being in the same gang as the man in black.

Police were called to the scene, where a street station volunteer claimed to have been attacked by a man dressed in black and was allowed to leave the scene, while the man in black and the woman who stopped them were surrounded and questioned by officers. The man in black was in pain and appeared to be injured. While residents were watching, Ken Chow Wing-kan once started an uproar, claiming it was a “yellow ribbon assault”, making the scene tense. When questioned by residents about why they allowed the volunteers to leave, the police officer at the scene claimed they “have the legal right to stop a person from grabbing a stool, to stop him from assaulting someone, so I won’t arrest him”.

According to FB clips from Tin Shui Wai Connection and Media of Hong Kong Students, a man was pinned to the ground by two women and a man at a street station of the “Hong Kong Coalition” with one of the women almost on top of the man and someone bending his ankles vigorously. The man repeatedly expressed difficulty in breathing, but the three persons would not move away. A few minutes later, uniformed police officers arrived at the scene and the man was released and given first aid.

Local District Councilor Matthew Lam Chun told the Apple Daily that the man in black (35) was arrested by police after the incident and was sent to Tin Shui Wai Hospital for treatment due to breathing difficulties. He was puzzled by the Police’s action of releasing the volunteers and stressed that under normal circumstances, the Police should take away people from both sides for further investigation, rather than releasing a certain group of people on the basis of one-sided evidence. He will continue to follow up the development of the incident.

Lam said the police have arrested the man in black on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon, a wooden bench. However, Lam mentioned that, according to the clip of Tin Shui Wai Connection, a blue ribbon woman who was involved in the attack had picked up the wooden stool and placed it next to the man in black for unknown reasons. This was witnessed by several police officers at the time.

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Laws of Hong Kong Cap. 212 Offences against the Person Ordinance Section 39:

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm

Any person who is convicted of an assault occasioning actual bodily harm shall be guilty of an offence triable upon indictment, and shall be liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

Perverting the course of public justice is an indictable common law offence in Hong Kong. The offence consists of an act, a series of acts, or conduct which has the tendency and is intended to pervert the course of justice. (Halsbury’s Laws of England 4th Ed. Reissue, Vol. 11(1), para. 315).

Intentionally assisting others to evade arrest

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