Police Letting Go of a Man Who Attacked a Female Reporter

As shown in a footage by United Social Press, an RTHK female reporter screamed for help when a middle-aged man dressed in white grabbed her by her right arm in a pro-police rally initiated by pro-Beijing legislator Ho Kwan-yiu in Tamar Park, Admiralty.  The police supporter tried to force the RTHK reporter to go elsewhere for a different angle to cover the pro-police rally.  The reporter failed to get rid of the man’s firm grip.  Police came and tried to separate them but the man remained hysterical and attempted to charge towards the reporter even in the presence of the police officers.  The frightened reporter yelled, “Don’t you touch me!”.  The commotion ended when the police managed to bring the man away from the reporter, who was already shaking in tears.  After witnessing the harassment, the police decided not to arrest the man and let him go away.