Highly Concentrated Tear Gas Fired in Yuen Long Town, Journalist Injured

At around 11pm on 21st September, 2019, as police retreated to the junction of Fung Cheung Road and Main Road, Yuen Long, officers fired multiple rounds of tear gas into the crowd, and most of the civilians on the scene were unarmed.

After the officers fired tear gas, one officer instructed the other riot police officers to “Go! Let’s go!” However, after the police officers had retreated to the main road, they continued to fire tear gas, only journalists were left at the scene. During this period, tear gas canisters landed in the crowd of journalists several times, and a journalist were also shot in the centre, a mark was left on their reflective clothing.


Campus TV, HKUSU Facebook

Apple Daily

The Stand News


Editorial Board, HSUSU