First-aider’s back injured by tear gas, and suffered from severe burnt and shock

At about 7pm on 2 November 2019, when the police retreated at Percival Street in Causeway Bay, they suddenly threw 2 tear gas grenades towards a group of journalists and first-aiders, but at that time there were no protesters nearby. A tear gas grenade blasted at Times Square and a volunteer first-aider was injured at his back. His back suffered from severe burnt and he was in shock. According to the photos taken by the student media City Broadcasting Channel, the first-aider’s left shoulders and back were burnt, and part of his skin was blackened and even started peeling.

City Broadcasting Channel reported that the injured first-aider exhibited shock symptoms. It was reported that the tear gas hand grenade, which was made in China, burnt at a very high temperature. A flame was seen when the grenade hit the back of the first-aider.

City Broadcasting Channel

The Stand News