Female officer is sexually harrassed by her fellow

A new sexual scandal broke out in Hong Kong police force. During the 8.18 clash in Sai Wan, a female officer called Katy was put under spotlight due to her sex appeal. She was wearing a tight white shirt during operation and had been discussed online.  An instagram account, suspected to be Katy, had posted numerous stories on instagram, accusing her fellows for sexual harassment, such as starting rumours on social media about her, ‘You guys cook up stories about me having sexual intercourse, oral sex, and being pregnant.’ The incident had caused her mental stress and bad reputation, some of her colleagues look at her with weird expressions. She fiercely condemned the ‘black sheep’ in the police force and said that she will make them pay.

According to her other stories posted online, she accused her fellows for spreading rumours about her, spying upon her life, investigating the identity of her partner. ‘If you have so much time to talk about me, why not spend more time to do you job well and solve more cases,’ she criticized. She also suspected that the photo of her doing operation in Sai Wan was actually spread by police. ‘You know what I am talking about. Thank you for making me popular.’


Apple Daily