Entering Beverly Garden in Tseung Kwan O, police fire pepper spray to the residents and pepper-spray projectile to residential buildings in the neighbourhood

In the early hours of 9th November, 2019, the police carried out eviction in Tseung Kwan O District, during which they forcefully entered Beverly Garden for a few times and stopped and searched the residents, causing great disturbance to the neighbourhood. Some residents took photos on their mobile phones in their flats, and they were rudely shouted by police officers: “Go into your flat immediately. What are you doing here? WARNING, if you are not going into your flat, pepper-spray projectile will be on you.” Within a second, the police fired two pepper-spray projectiles to So’s flat. After two or three seconds, another two pepper-spray projectile were fired.


The resident involved, Mr. So, was interviewed and said: “Luckily the windows were not broken but the smoke was blown all the way into my flat. My dad felt it all over his face. The irritating smoke spread through the entire flat.” He said there were fragments of the pepper-spray projectile left on his bed. He also pointed out that other than his father, his grandmother was also in the flat at that time. He was worried the smoke would be harmful to elderly’s health. So said that he wanted to investigate into the matter of police’s misuse of pepper-spray projectile, but he also said, “there were too many police’s misbehaviour needs to be investigated and I am not optimistic that my issue will be resolved eventually!”


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City Broadcasting Channel (CBC)