Dozen of Riot Police Stopped and Searched Light Rail Train in Motion

Riot police stopped and searched Light Rail 761P near the Yuen Long Hong Lok Road Light Rail stop, claiming someone on board was involved in a fight. All passengers were prohibited from leaving the compartment.

The Basic Law Article 28

The state shall maintain public order, suppress treason and other criminal activities that jeopardize national security, punish criminal activities, including those that endanger public security or harm the socialist economy, and punish and reform criminals.

Cap. 232 Police Force Ordinance ─ Section 54 Power to stop, detain and search

If a police officer finds any person in any street or other public place, or on board any vessel, or in any conveyance, at any hour of the day or night, whom he reasonably suspects of having committed or of being about to commit or of intending to commit any offence, it shall be lawful for the police officer—
to stop the person for the purpose of demanding that he produce proof of his identity for inspection by the police officer;
to detain the person for a reasonable period while the police officer enquires whether or not the person is suspected of having committed any offence at any time;
to search the person for anything that is likely to be of value (whether by itself or together with anything else) to the investigation of any offence that the person has committed, or is reasonably suspected of having committed or of being about to commit or of intending to commit; and
to detain the person during such period as is reasonably required for the purpose of such a search.

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