District Councilor’s Assistant Sprayed with Blue Liquid and Arbitrarily Arrested. Straw Hat was said to be an Offensive Weapon.

Hundreds mourned at Sheung Tak car park on 8th January 2020, two months after the death of HKUST student Chow Tsz-Lok. Black-clad protestors set roadblocks at one point, riot police later arrived and raised a black flag (warning crowds of the use of tear gas). Afterwards, some undercover police officers entered the estate and arrested citizens, including the assistant of Sheung Tak’s District Councilor Isaac Lee, whose face was sprayed with blue liquid. Many at the scene also got sprayed on the face, including a female journalist from Editorial Board, CityU SU.

Isaac Lee pointed out to the reporters that his assistant brings a straw hat as a shield whenever there is a clash between the police and citizens, in the hope of reducing contact between the two parties. Lee believed that the police arrested his assistant on charges of carrying offensive weapons.

Editorial Board, CityU SU

The Stand News