Deranged cop threatened reporter: My gun is dangerous, it may misfire

During the protest on 1st October, a deranged cop called a reporter as rioter, pointing his gun at him and push him around to interfere with his work.

An Apple Daily reporter was shined with strong light and called ‘black press’ by multiple cops when he was filming the police formation in Choy Yee Bridge, Tuen Mun. Meanwhile, some protesters started a fire, the cops ‘remined’ the reporter, ‘Fxxk your mum, why aren’t you filming this good fxxking story!’ An STC Squad member (‘Raptor’) even threatened, ‘Stay away from me, my gun is dangerous, it may misfire!’ A riot police behind him was also pointing his gun at the reporter.

Another Apple Daily reporter working in the area was being forcefully pushed by a ‘Raptor’ by the shoulder to the scene where a fire was started. The reported had made clear it wasn’t necessary to push, and was responded with ‘It is fine!’. Several ‘Raptors’ said, ‘We will escourt you there.’

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