police officer arrests a pedestrian and fires gun shot at airport

At around 11:12 p.m., some angry police officers threatened and dispersed the protesters in the Passenger Terminal 1 Building in the airport.  One of the officers Wong Yiu Wah rushed to the crowd and subdued an unarmed woman, touching her breasts in the process.  Some protesters contained him to rescue the woman.  Wong was surrounded and stuck at a corner, with his baton dropped. He suddenly took out his revolver from his waist and shot blank bullet at the protesters.

Next day, during the police press conference, Senior Superintendent (PPRB) Kong Wing Cheung lied to the public saying that the police officer was not pushing the woman, but just randomly bumped into her.  The officer lost his balance when the woman fell off. He even switched hands to hold the baton and tried to help her up. Kong stressed that the  officer clearly had no intention to attack the woman.


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