Cops surrounded a man who read out police oath

After a dispersal operation near the Central Library in Tin Hau, riot cops retreated towards Jardine’s Bazaar. When they were passing by the Tang Lung Chau Market, a young man read aloud part of the oath that had been taken by each and every officer, “[I will] execute the powers and duties of my office without fear of or favour to any person, and with malice or ill-will toward none.”

Many cops soon surrounded the young man and searched him. They imprisoned him for around 15 minutes and also kept hurling insults at him over the course. “You are the one who bears malice and ill-will. We don’t need you to teach us how to be an officer.” one cop said. 

“Keep your nose out of it. Cockroaches are not worthy of concern,” an officer of the Police Public Relations Branch yelled at an In-Media reporter who was covering the scene. “It’s just a waste of time always putting the camera on us,” another cop added.


In-Media HK