Subdued Student Beaten by Cops and Muffled

At around 5:30 p.m. on 29 September 2019, squads of riot police charged towards the crowd of demonstrators outside Pacific Place, Admiralty.  After exchanging volleys of tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, bricks and petrol bombs, the riot police charged forward and put dozens under arrest.  Journalist Vivian Tam Wai-wan swiftly followed the police into the crowd and managed to capture on film what happened when both sides tackled head-on.

The police kept pushing reporters with batons and shields; Tam was shoved to the ground but she managed to rise to her feet and carried on filming the scene.  Her camera recorded an injured protester with blood streaming non-stop from his head to the ground.  She pointed out repeatedly to the police the victim’s head injury, but she was taken no heed of.

She then saw a subdued teenager (at 01:20 in her footage).  When the teenager saw her camera, he yanked off his own mask and yelled aloud his name, and the name of his school, for five times to the camera while trying to stop the police from shielding his face with the riot shield.  He was a secondary school student, as it was later found out, and his family was made informed of his arrest. 

After the student cried out his name and the name of his school, a police officer shoved Tam away and said, “Get lost, bitch!”  A riot police officer soon came close to the student and hit him hard with a baton at his legs for at least 6 times.  As captured in Tam’s video, the student was already lying on the ground, not fighting back and with no signs of fleeing.

A footage from HKUSU Campus TV showed how his legs yanked in the air only after he was hit by the baton and how he was quickly subdued by another officer.

Yet another officer took off his gear.  He managed to turn around and yelled aloud his name to a journalist on the other side opposite Tam, but his mouth was soon muffled by the hand of an officer.  There were 4 to 6 officers surrounding him at the time.


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