Police raid private estate and cruelly drag a female resident by pulling her hair

Regardless of the voices to end police brutality, riot police randomly raided another private estate in Aberdeen and arrested a sibling. Footage shows that the elder sister was brutally dragged away by having her hair pulled by the police. Angus Wong, the community organiser and nominated candidate of the District Council election, followed up with the case. He stated that the siblings were examined with no severe wounds. Statement-taking will be conducted in the presence of the lawyer in that afternoon.

The incident took place in Aberdeen Centre at the night of 12 November 2019. Online footage shows that riot police stormed the private residence and arrested a pair of sibling residents while dispersing the crowd in the vicinity. Police alleged that the arrestees refused to leave the scene after the blue warning flag was raised by the officer. The female arrestee claimed that she was busted after staying merely a minute in the scene. A male officer insisted it was “unnecessary” to be conducted by female officer in order to arrest the woman and handcuffed her regardless to her request.

Surrounded by a group of male officers, the woman seemed to be frightened and gasped for breath. After telling the cameraman that “I am optimistic and I will never commit suicide”, the cops tried to cover her mouth and dragged her away in a flash. Despite of showing no resistance and yelling “stop touching me and I will walk by myself”, the cop with loudspeaker suddenly pulled her hair violently. The woman then screamed with pain. The elder sister revealed the names of the sibling to the cameraman, as well as the address and contact number of their father. According to Apple Daily, the female arrestee is a graduate of Department of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

Apple Daily

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