Civilians in agony after contact with police-invented colored water spray

At about 2pm on 26th December 2019, protesters solicited shops to close and wreaked havoc in certain targeted restaurants in Tai Po Mega Mall. Police Tactical Unit officers entered to chase after them and sprayed pungent blue-dyed water around. Several civilians, including an elderly, were shot with the water. The police confirmed the blue-dyed water was “colored lacrimator spray agent”.

The police said in response to enquiry, “colored lacrimator spray agent” was a choice amongst the class of pepper spray for halting and identifying offenders who could be arrested at the time or later. The ingredients of colored lacrimator spray agent were similar to those of pepper spray. The color was non-toxic to human beings and would not cause harm to health.

Dr K Kwong, former lecturer of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and doctor of Chemistry, Univeristy of Hong Kong, however posted on his Facebook that civilians at the scene found the blue-dyed water extremely irritating and burning, showing that pelargonic acid vanillylamide (PAVA) might be present in the blue-dyed lacrimator water spray and probably in high concentration.

According to Dr K Kwong, human beings can be affected by PAVA as follows:

1. Eye: PAVA produces more pain than CS if eyes are directly shot. (Same indoors and outdoors)
2. Skin: CS produces no pain on skin contact whereas PAVA causes extreme pain. (same indoors and outdoors)
3. Lungs: Harm would be highest if PAVA is used indoors as micro-droplets of PAVA released from pressurized device do not evaporate easily and would easily be breathed into lungs even if person is not directly shot. Even doctors may not be able to make an early diagnosis in such cases as chest X-Ray would appear normal on the first day of exposure. Only from the second or third day onwards, pleural effusion would be evident. If exposed person is detained by the police for 48 hours or the diagnosis is missed by doctor, it could result in death! Much more sinister than water cannon!


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