Citizen gets shot in the shoulder with a pepper-spray ball when leaving Festival Walk

Citizens got injured during an arrest operation initiated by the Police against the protest in the Festival Walk on 10 November, among which a shopper was shot in the shoulder with a pepper-spray ball when leaving the mall. He sustained a bleeding wound as a result.

As the widespread anti-government protests were underway,  groups of protesters responded to the online calls to assemble in shopping centers across many districts on 10 November. During the protest titled “Shop with You” in the Festival Walk, at least 8 people were arrested by plainclothes constables who posed as protesters, while the riot police fired pepper-spray balls inside the shopping center, injuring many in the process.

One of the injured citizens, whose surname is MOK, told the press that he was shopping in the Festival Walk with his family of four at 3 pm, unaware of the protest that would take place in the shopping center. He heard jeers at around 4:30 pm when the riot police arrived at the shopping center for a dispersal operation while the plainclothes constables were making arrests. He then went to Sen-Ryo to learn about what happened, but was quickly driven away by the Police.

“I was dragged by an old man behind me, when a pepper-spray ball was fired the moment I turned around.” said Mok, who got shot in the right shoulder when he was about to leave through the exit. A voluntary first-aider attended his wound at once, which was still oozing blood after being dressed.

Mok recounted that the riot police were at first dispersing the crowd on the top floor, while he was at that time near the escalator proximal to the exit. No warning was given prior to shooting the pepper-spray balls.

“I was holding my daughter and walking away, but a police constable was pushing me from behind.” Mok criticized that the Police were “completely out of self-control”, endangering the safety of the shop owners, the elderly and the children. “This is not the first time they carried out arrests and dispersal actions without prior notice. This is simply unreasonable.” said Mok, further pointing out that the Police action was no different from imposing a curfew.

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