Charge Amended Against The Man With Mandarin Accent Who Attacked The President Of Student Union Of PolyU

‘Human Chain at PolyU’ activity was hosted by the student union on the 5th of September, the president of the student union Ken Woo was attacked by a student with a non-local Cantonese during the activity and the right cheek was injured. The student was charged for common assault. The charge was amended at the Kowloon City Magistrates Court today,it was amended to Binding Over,recognisance for $1,000HKD, be of good behaviour for 24 months, a penalty of $2,000HKD towards Woo. Its been advised that Woo was controlling the crowd when the incident happened, during that time the offender suddenly attack and said: ‘I am Chinese, how come you can express your thought but I cannot?’

The defendant Ruizhao Lu (aged 21) holds a Hong Kong ID card, the charge was for the assault toward Ken Woo outside the ground floor of Pao Yue-Kong Library at Polytechnic University .

Report said at 7 o’clock that night, Woo was promoting “Human Chain At PolyU” activity. Two speakers was set up. The defendant advised he was upset by the noise disruption. Move forward and tear down the advertisements and used his right fist to punch Woo right cheek. It was said that the defendant told Woo:’Why you guys can throw petrol bombs but I cannot punch others, etc’ Police arrested the defendant upon arrival, police advised the defendant to say:’I hit him because I wasn’t thinking” ,