“Blue ribbon fanatics” was caught illegally hanging a banner to smear a District Councillor, attacked and fled to the police station

On 4th April 2020, at 1 a.m., Yuen Long District Councillor Deco Lee Wai-fung accidentally caught three men hanging a banner smearing the local pro-democracy District Councillor. He chased after one of them, during which he was attacked and punched in the head and mouth. Lee chased after the man who fled to the Yuen Long Police Station. A uniformed policeman came out to understand, and the man shouted, “I am paid to do something, what’s wrong?” He was later asked by another police officer to enter and register his information. Lee said he had reported the case to the police on the spot and then went to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment. He was still suffering from a headache, but his body was not seriously affected.


Yuen Long District Councillor Henry Wong Pak-yu posted on Facebook early morning, that Lee had seen someone hanging a banner in Yuen Long to smear two pro-democracy District Councillors, Johnny Mak Ip-sing and Zachary Wong Wai-yin. They escaped after being caught. Lee chased them all the way and was attacked during the process. Several pro-democracy District Councillors accompanied Lee early morning to report the case to the police for the record. The banners hung by the three men read “Success in fighting to spread toxins in the community” and “Suggest the Government to authorize young people to use petrol bombs to revive Hong Kong’s economy”, accompanied by photos of District Council Vice-Chairman Johnny Mak Ip-sing and Chairman Zachary Wong Wai-yin respectively.


According to footage captured by Lee, Lee was chasing several men wearing black clothes and black trousers, and wearing labour gloves. In a telephone enquiry with Apple Daily today, Lee said he had sought legal advice and had temporarily taken the video off the shelves while his lawyer examined whether and what legal action should be taken. He recalled that at around 1 a.m. this morning, he was passing by an open nullah near the old “B Chai Grass Jelly” shop when he saw three men putting up banners. He was surprised, “usually not so late at night,” and upon closer inspection, he found that the banners had pictures of Mak and Wong, the contents of which were false and suspected of smearing.


Lee said he didn’t want to alert them, so he went to the other side and started a live broadcast on his mobile phone. One of the men acted as the lookout at the time and the other two were putting up the banners. They thought that he was curious and wanted to take a picture. They said, “Take your time. Wait until we’re done.” Then they found out that he was on the live broadcast so they scattered and fled.

One of them ran towards Yuen Long Theatre, but Lee kept chasing after him. He tried to get away from him by swinging his fist and hitting Lee in the head and mouth. The other two men ran towards the junction of Yuen Long Town Hall and Yuen Long Police Station. The man who attacked Lee tried to hail a taxi but was refused by the taxi and fled to the gate of the Yuen Long Police Station. A policeman started to intervene, but the man shouted, “I’m paid to do something, what’s wrong?” He was then taken to the police station by another policeman in a white shirt and instructed Lee to report the incident to the police.


Lee said that he still felt pain in his head, but overall was not serious. He wondered why the man who attacked him had chosen to flee in the direction of the police station, and said that local democratic councillors were often targeted by unknown people. “Taking me as an example, last week there had been 8 banners on the street but were cut and removed within 5 days.” Since the incident had a possibility of going into legal proceedings, Lee declined to comment further on the attacking man’s claim of “taking money to do something.“

Police responded that the Yuen Long Police Station received a report at about 3 a.m. this morning from a 30-year-old man, surnamed Lee, who was suspected to have been assaulted during an argument over political views with three men at the junction of Ma Tin Road and Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long. The person who reported the case later said that he would first seek legal advice on his own and would not need police assistance for the time being, but would only ask the police to file a case. The incident was classified as a “dispute” and no one was arrested. Police added in the evening that they had subsequently received reports that relevant banners were also hanging at other locations in Yuen Long and that the relevant departments would remove them tonight. The police will continue to investigate the incident and take appropriate follow-up actions to prosecute the persons involved in the hanging of the banners.


Laws of Hong Kong Cap. 232 Police Force Ordinance Section 64
Offence of making false report of commission of offence, etc.
Any person who knowingly—
(a) makes or causes to be made to any police officer a false report of the commission of any offence; or
(b) misleads any police officer by giving false information or by making false statements or accusations,
shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000 and to imprisonment for 6 months.(Added 16 of 1959 s. 2)




District Councillor Facebook(video)

District Councillor Facebook(video)

District Councillor Facebook(pictures from live video)

District Councillor Facebook(Pictures from live video)

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