Blue Ribbon Fanatics Attack Reported and Break Cameras

Netizens organised a strike called “Operation Dawn”. Riot police officers were patrolling in all districts. Around ten riot police were stationing and patrolling in Wong Tai Sin MTR station concourse from 6am. The intersection between Sha Tin Pass Road and Lung Cheung Road were also manned with around ten riot police officers. A group of mask-wearing individuals (male and female) who were believed to be blue ribbon fanatics, were walking around Wong Tai Sin station platform, helping the police to stop protesters.

During this time, a journalist from “Next Magazine” was reporting from the platform, and thought that the mask-wearing group were suspicious, thus started filming. The suspected group then started pushing the journalist and smashed their camera. A group of riot police approached for further investigation, and the masked group swore at and threatened the journalist by saying, “Which media company are you from? Do you want to be ‘killed in private’?” Once investigation was over, the police removed a middle-aged man dressed in black with blonde hair from the scene, and the attacked journalist was sent to hospital. However, the police claimed that one male and one female were arrested; the man was involved in assault, and the female was arrested due to assaulting police force.

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