Police officer beats reporter from The Stand News and Knocks their camera for 8 times

At around 9:30 pm tonight, a man fired at police and was arrested in Tai Po. A large group of civilians came to the scene and scolded at the police officers.  The police officers shot tear gas at the crowd.  Meanwhile, a police officer knocked the hand and the camera of a reporter from The Stand News with baton for at least 8 times.  The officer even beat the reporter’s phone continuously for 6 times.

Video showed that police subdued the designated District Councillor of Tai Po Wan Tau Tong District, Wong Siu-kin.  A lot of reporters were shooting at the scene.  One of the Riot Police (PTU) knocked a reporter’s hands.  When the reporter said ” Reporter’s hand was beaten by police baton”, that police officer came back and hit the reporter’s mobile phone for 6 times.  He then pointed his baton at the reporter.  He went back to the police blockade line at last.

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