Arrestees in alleged petrol bomb case complained being sexually harassed, and head being pressed into the toilet by police

On 5th November, the police charged five men and women for allegedly possessing more than 100 suspected petrol bombs in a flat near Wan Chai’s Goose Neck Bridge, but the charges were eventually withdrawn due to mistakes made by the Department of Justice, including mispelling the names of the accused in the Consent to prosecution. The five defendants were released, but the police re-arrested three of them outside the Court immediately after the court was adjourned. Together with the other two defendants who were discharged from hospital, the five defendants were brought to the Eastern Magistrates’ Court for arraignment.

A female defendant, surnamed Yeung, complained through the barrister that she had been sexually harassed by the police when she was arrested. Police officers asked her in foul language whether she was a prostitute, and whether she would be an “angel” and provide free sexual services to the protesters.

Another male defendant, surnamed Yau, reported through his barrister that his head was pressed into the toilet by plainclothes police officer, and his head was pressed against the floor. He was forced to make a statement in the absence of his lawyer.

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