Arrestee on 3rd November was being pressed at his cervical spine violently

Some netizens initiated a demonstration “Hong Kong people against police violence” in Sha Tin and other places this Sunday (3rd November) with the aim of anti-police violence. A young waiter wearing a black top was stopped by police officers in Sha Tin that day, and was accused of assaulting a police officer. The police later found a backpack with six petrol bombs from Shing Mun River. The police alleged the waiter of owning the backpack. The waiter was accused of assaulting a police officer and possessing an offensive weapon. The case was arraigned today, but he remained in hospital and was absent from the hearing. Sources revealed that a police officer pressed his knee against the waiter’s cervical spine when he was arrest, which resulted in his cervical injury.

The defendant, Lam Pan Fat (aged 22), was accused of assaulting police officer X at Lek Yuen Bridge on Tai Chung Bridge Road in Sha Tin. He was also accused of possessing six petrol bombs in the public at Lek Yuen Bridge without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

The lawyer for the defense said today that the defendant is still in hospital and is expected to be discharged tonight or tomorrow, and it is hoped that the hearing can be postponed until tomorrow. The prosecution confirmed that the defendant was in the hospital and had a high chance of being discharged today. Acting Chief Magistrate Kao eventually adjourned the case until tomorrow, during which time the defendant was remanded into police custody.

It was revealed that the defendant, who was dressed in black at the time of the incident, was stopped by the police at the scene, during which he was suspected of assaulting a police officer. When the police subdued him, the defendant’s cervical spine was pressed at by a police officer with his knee, causing injuries to the defendant’s cervical spine and wrist. Police later salvaged a backpack containing six petrol bombs from the Shing Mun River. Police said the backpack belonged to the accused.

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