Arrestee of 8 Dec in Causeway Bay got his prosecutions withdrawn after seemingly false accusations of ‘Possession of offensive weapons with intent’

800 thousand citizens participated in the march held by Civil Human Rights Front on 8 December to celebrate the International Human Rights’ Day. At that day, a youngster was found to be possessing items like gas mask, pliers and spanner etc. near SOGO in Causeway Bay. He was charged for ‘Possession of offensive weapons with intent’. The case was brought to the court for the second time at Eastern Magistrates’ Court, and the prosecution proposed to withdraw the charges. The youngster criticized that the government was arbitrarily arresting and prosecuting citizens, which should be considered as a form of utilizing legal procedures and police’s power to suppress the freedom of demonstration.

The 27 years old defendant surnamed Lam was an editor of a broadcasting media. He was originally charged for owning a pair of goggles, a gas mask, a pair of pliers and a spanner at 22 Yee Wo Street on 8 December 2019. He bailed out after being brought to court two days later. The prosecution said that they had decided to withdraw his charges after legal consultations. Therefore, his belongings were all returned to him. The defence did not apply for legal damages.

Lam said that he felt neutral upon the withdrawal of his charges when he was interviewed outside the court. He pointed out that he knew troubles would follow through the legal procedures, so he was mentally ready for even the worst situation when he decided to protest against the government. He also claimed that the Department of Justice had been withdrawing charges on many other protesters, thereby proving the existence or arbitrary prosecutions, which was unacceptable.

Lam resigned from his job of an editor at an online media to participate in the movement completely. He was hired by a shop that supported the movement as a part-time worker. He recalled that he was required to comply with a curfew when he was being prosecuted, causing worries to his daily life and job. Apart from that, he also participated less in demonstrations because he was worried about disobeying the conditions of the bail. He said due to the arbitrary arrests, the freedom of assembly was suppressed.

When he was asked whether he would continue to protest, he claimed that he would hold on after the outbreak of Wu Han Virus, and he wished all protesters to stay healthy and hoped that they would stay safe and keep fighting.

Apple Daily