Arrestee beaten to a pulp 7 months after 831 Incident

Hong Kong Police Force suddenly rushed from Lai Chi Kok Road to Prince Edward Road West. A man was subdued. That man brought into a police car swiftly was with a mouthful of blood, leaving behind a pool of bloodstain.

Hong Kong Legislation Cap. 212 Offences against the Person Ordinance Section 19:

Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm
Any person who unlawfully and maliciously wounds or inflicts any grievous bodily harm upon any other person, either with or without any weapon or instrument, shall be guilty of an offence triable upon indictment, and shall be liable to imprisonment for 3 years.


Police General Orders Chapter 29 Section 29-01:

7. In order to substantiate your findings it is essential that the following points be continually kept in mind-

(a) it was the minimum degree of force necessary to achieve the purpose and ceased once that objective was achieved; and

(b) the use of that degree of forced was reasonable in the circumstances.

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