Arrested Protesters in Firearm Case Lynched and Beaten by Police

On 8th December 8, police seized a semi-automatic pistol and more than 100 rounds of ammunition and arrested seven men and four women on the eve of the International Human Rights Day march. Five of the male defendants were arraigned on 9th December and charged with four counts of conspiracy with intent to injure and possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence.

The first defendant complained through his lawyer that when he was arrested on 8th December, the police turned off the light in his room, punched and kicked him, covered his mouth and slapped him, forced him to unlock his phone, and used force to threaten and induce him to take a statement. At one point, the defendant was agitated and sobbing in court.

All five defendants applied for bail, but were opposed by the prosecution. The magistrate ultimately refused bail to the first three defendants, but granted bail to Cheung Ming-yu and Yim Man-him, during which time they were not allowed to leave Hong Kong and were subject to curfew orders, etc.

One of the defendants was released on bail and escorted out of the courtroom by supporters, with more than a dozen PTU officers on alert outside the courtroom, one of whom had said, “Keep going, see you at the bottom of the warehouse (i.e. in jail).”.

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