Chief Inspector Asking Reporters to Fuck Off after Making Arbitrary Arrest of 3 Teenage Girls

Three teenage girls were arbitrarily arrested on the street in Hung Hom at night on 7 October 2019.  As shown in the footage, the civilians in the neighbourhood asserted that the girls, wearing no masks, did nothing suspicious and questioned the officers why the girls were arrested for no reasons.  In reply to Apple Daily’s enquiry on the case, the Police claimed that there had been an illegal assembly and attempts to block the road at the time.  The 3 girls above and a boy aged 14 were arrested on the charge of illegal assembly and violating the anti-mask law.

As shown in the footage, three teenage girls, not dressed in black and not wearing face masks, were brought to the side of the pavement and an officer asked for back-up over his radio.  The arrest drew a crowd, who were heard saying:

“They are arrested just like that, for no reasons.”

“Indeed! Even with no masks on.”

“I saw it all along, you girls did nothing!”

Some tried to help by asking the girls for their names, but was yelled at by an officer to “fuck off”.  The same officer also asked the crowd to back off as “the police is working”.  The Anti-ELAB Concern Group of New Asia Middle School confirmed with Apple Daily the identity of the 3 teenage girls, one being a Secondary 6 student of their school, one being a 19-year-old alumni and one being a Secondary 6 student from another school.  The Concern Group also quoted a witness on the spot, saying that an officer was heard saying “Three is enough. Arrest them.”  Apple Daily had received no reply from New Asia Middle School when the news was published.

According to the Police, there was an illegal assembly in Man Siu Street, Hung Hom, with barricades blocking the road, at around 9:30 p.m. on 7 October 2019.  Three girls aged between 17 and 19, as well as a boy aged 14, were arrested for taking part in an unlawful assembly and for violating the anti-mask law.  Three of the detainees were released on bail to appear at the police station in early November while a 17-year-old girl refused the police bail and was released temporarily, with the police reserving the right of prosecution.  The case was being followed-up on by the Crime Kowloon West Headquarters.

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