Arbitrary arrest of first aiders: Faced the wall and tied up, being insulted as cockroaches

Some volunteer first-aiders were stopped and searched by riot police again. They were taken from Pui To Road intersection to Tuen Mun West Rail station and Light Rail Transit station. The first-aiders were frisked one by one and their bags were searched. A police officer was irritated and roared “Cockroaches pretend to be first-aiders, check up on them!”

A volunteer first-aider’s hands were tied up by cable ties, and he was requested to face the wall and knelt down. The firs-aider was discontented and said, “Are you treating me as a criminal?” The police officer replied, “Not treating you as a criminal. You are a criminal. Dick face. No need for you to conduct first aid.”

7 volunteer first-aiders were arrested on the spot.

Editorial Board, HSUSU



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