Arbitrary arrest conducted on flag-carrying teenager during handing out of medical supplies, terrorize local residents with police dog

Local residents in Lok Fu handed out medical supplies consisting of alcohol-based handrub bottles and disinfectant spray at evening. A traditional ritual “hitting the villains” had to be conducted for everyone that received the supplies, that is, everyone had to hit faces of government officials and related officers before taking their portion. The police arrived not ten minutes into the activity and many teenagers were searched on the spot. One teenager, holding a flag that read “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” was forcefully subdued by uniformed officers that rushed down from arriving vehicles and established a cordon, according to a local resident Miss W. The teenager was later released. Residents recalled seeing a police dog being led to the scene by an officer, who yelled at them loudly, “He’ll bite you if you don’t shut up!” PTU officers arrived as reinforcements later arrived as well, who were seen searching a Hong Kong Citizen Media reporter. The reporter, who was recording the scene on livestream then, was suddenly searched by approaching PTU officers, taking her phone in the process, saying “Don’t move, drop your hands!”, “What would happen if you suddenly attacked me!” and ” Shut your mouth!”

The person conducting the activity, Miss W, stated in an interview hosted by a Stand News reporter that she hoped she could hand out these antibacterial goods to her “comrades” even though they were for free. She said that these past months had been traumatizing as her fellow Hong Kongers had to buy these masks and disinfectant goods at such a high price. “Compared to these government officials, what exactly have they done for us? I’ve seen office workers scrambling for face masks, even the elderly wake up as early as three or five in the morning to queue for them. Why do we have to live this bitter life? Our medical staff don’t even have sufficient face masks, not to mention their protective gear.” She hoped that this ritual could help citizens vent their anger. “It’s not much, really. It’s just these simple ways of venting your frustration that don’t make all of us go crazy.” Apart from her, some other citizens also came together to hand out stickers and post them on the Lennon Walls. She handed out leaflets as well to explain the contents and use of the disinfectants to tend to citizens’ needs.

Cap. 232A Police (Discipline) Regulations Part 1 No.3

2)The offences against discipline are—
(j)making a statement which is false in a material particular in the course of his duty or in connexion with the discharge by the police force of any of its duties or functions;

Cap. 232 Police Force Ordinance No. 54 No. 2

(2)If a police officer finds any person in any street or other public place, or on board any vessel, or in any conveyance, at any hour of the day or night, whom he reasonably suspects of having committed or of being about to commit or of intending to commit any offence, it shall be lawful for the police officer—
(a)to stop the person for the purpose of demanding that he produce proof of his identity for inspection by the police officer;
(b)to detain the person for a reasonable period while the police officer enquires whether or not the person is suspected of having committed any offence at any time;
(c)to search the person for anything that is likely to be of value (whether by itself or together with anything else) to the investigation of any offence that the person has committed, or is reasonably suspected of having committed or of being about to commit or of intending to commit; and
(d)to detain the person during such period as is reasonably required for the purpose of such a search.

Police General Orders Chapter 39 No. 39-05:

Working with Media Representatives
All officers at the scene of an incident shall:-
(a) facilitate the work of the news media as much as possible and accord media representatives consideration and courtesy; and
(b) not block camera lenses.


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