Arbitrarily arrest student reporter and seem to be unjustly describing a dull dining-knife as a ‘sharp knife’

According to Broadcast News Network, one of their reporter, a Hong Kong Baptist University Journalism Student, was stopped and searched at the junction of King’s Road and Fortress Hill Road. Police searched his journalist card, identity card. They found a table knife inside his backpack. The reporter explained that the knife was used to cut mooncake during Mid-Autumn Festival. However, he was taken away in an unmarked car.

During the search, police officer hindered the reporter from filming the process by covering his lens. Broadcast News Network condemned the police’s arbitrary arrest and urged to release the Boaz So King Wah, the arrested student. According to the online video taken during the search, the knife in So’s bag was dull and wrapped with paper towel, which is very different from what the police described in press conference.

Broadcast News Network uploaded the video of So being searched the night after. It proved that only the dull knife could be found inside So’s bag, which was wrapped with a tissue paper. It differed from the ‘sharp knife’ claimed by the police at the press conference previously. Broadcast News Network also posted a photo provided by family members of So, which showed the same kind of dining knife at So’s home. The knife was dull and made of metal, the handle was 5-inch while the blade was only 4-inch. It came in a set of four knives. However, Li Kwai-wah, the Senior Superintendent of Police (Organized Crime & Triad Bureau), explained that the police officers disagreed with the use of the dining knife of So, thereby arresting him for possession of offensive weapons.


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Broadcast News Network