Arbitrarily arrest legislative councilors, who was not prosecuted after 40 hours of illegal detention

A gang of riot police were stopping and searching black-shirt youngsters near the Customs Headquarter Building at Marble Road, North Point, as well as surrounding a couple at Tin Chiu Street nearby. The female was emotional, repeatedly stating that she lives nearby and only wanted to go home. Ted Hui Chi-fung was present and called the police not to arrest arbitrarily with a speaker, and demanded police officers to free the citizens involved immediately.

Police officers ordered him the keep off from the lockdown area and not to hold their operation back, they warned Hui that he was not privileged and then arrested him for obstructing or resisting a police officer after a few warnings.

The indictment mentioned that Hui was assisting a citizen while the police was undergoing a dispersal operation at North Point at 11:00pm this Sunday. Hui then accepted the request from the commander of Police Tactical Unit (North Point Base), Cheung Chi-wai, by moving to Marble Road. At 11:30pm, Cheung ordered to arrest Hui for obstructing or resisting a police officer. The indictment claimed that Hui was illegally detained for 38 hours afterwards. Hui refused to bail out and was released at 1pm on the 17th of September unconditionally.

Hui included that ‘The arrest was unlawful because Cheung and the officer responsible supposed the plaintiff (Hui) intentionally obstruct the police to implement the law without a rationale, as he had already moved according to Cheung’s order’. The plaintiff made the civil claims because the unlawful arrest brought a loss to him due to the unlawful detention. The claim did not specify the amount of the damages. The upper limit of the amount at the District Council for civil cases is $3 million.


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