An unconscious skateboarder fell to the ground. The police obstructed rescue and carried him away.

On the evening of 8 March 2020, during Alex Chow’s memorial service, a riot police officer suddenly rushed out onto the crossroads and carried away a man. According to the reporter at the scene, the man was unresponsive and suspected to be in a coma. Some first aid workers stepped forward to perform first aid and were stopped by police.

The man was put on ambulance A488. A police officer later boarded the same.

According to Police General Orders Chapter 27 para 27-02:

2. A police officer shall not delay the administering of medical aid or the conveyance of a victim by ambulance to a hospital or clinic.

4. An ambulance crew shall not be told by Police to wait at the scene, e.g. to await the arrival of a Forensic Pathologist.

Relevant event: 8 March University of Science and Technology student Alex Chow’s four month death anniversary

City Broadcasting Channel (CBC)(Live News)