“An officer touched my breast, 2 watched me using toilet”, one officer said “it’s normal to want to have sex with these girls”, police abuse victims recount their ordeals on 31 August

Legislator Claudia MO met the press with police abuse victim Ms. Lung (alias) today. Ms. Lung claimed that she was passing by the Price Edward MTR Station on 31 August, was arrested and sent to Kwai Chung Police Station. During the trip, an officer insulted the arrestees by calling them “cockroaches” and “cunts”. Another officer hit the backs of the seats, ordering them to lower their heads while saying “aren’t you all like phubbing?”.

Ms. Lung claimed that after arriving Kwai Chung Police Station, she waited 7 hours to find lawyer, wait 3 to 4 hours to use toilet. Someone with high fever waited 10 hours for an ambulance. Ms. Lung kept going while sobbing, claiming that her breast was touched by a male officer. And 2 female officers watched as she was using the toilet. She asked to have the toilet door closed but they refused, saying “I have what you have” instead. There were other officers near the them. Ms. Lung recorded the numbers of the involved police.

Mr Leung Yiu-ting, the President of the Provisional Executive Council of Students’ Union of the EdUHK also shared his experience in the Police Station. A officer chatted with him, swearing while complaining “we police have been working hard in these two months with many working overtime. Sometimes seeing girls like (protesters), it’s normal for us to want to have sex with them”.

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