An ASD Staff is Attacked by an out-of-control Off-duty Police Officer, Pressed towards the floor and Rubbed while Inspecting a Police Dormitory

Police officers were found emotionally out of control several times. A screenshot of WhatsApp conversation is going around the internet these days, saying suspected Off-duty police pressed an Architectural Services Department (ASD) Staff to the ground and rubbed his face, were working at Sheung Shui Married Police Dormitory. The police questioned the staff loudly even though his colleague showed the ASD certificate. When the Police Force received enquiries, they did not respond to any question about the suspected person’s identity directly but slightly touch on two ASD staff were having an argument with residents and may have some physical attack. The Force added, no “on-duty” police officer had conflicts or body collision with any people, however, they did not mention any involvement from the off-duty police officer.

The screenshot message of the WhatsApp conversation is believed to be from one of the two ASD staff involved. He pointed out that they received a case about a broken window as someone threw small stones at that time. He and his colleague arrived then started looking for the broken window. His colleague was preparing inside the dormitory, however, in a sudden, the suspected police pushed him on the ground, “his face facing downward and rubbed”. Moreover, the suspected police asked what he was doing with an extremely loud voice. “They are not allowed to explain the situation, push my face to the ground, can’t even speak worker from ASD.”

The staff also recalled that he was outside the dormitory at the time and suddenly heard his colleague yelling, looking inside and had already been pushed on the ground. Hence he rushed in and showed the ASD certificate, indicating they were here to work. However, the suspected police was still not willing to release the staff.

A message from the Government Employees Association (GEA) was also flowing on the internet, to confirm an ASD engineering supervisor injured by being subdued and pressed on the ground by a suspected off-duty police without identification or inquiry at the police dormitory on 9th October. The GEA expressed their worries, dissatisfactions and regret. Besides, they said they would compose a letter to the Commissioner of Police later, to raise their concerns and to request a review on this issue, in order to prevent similar events happen again.

Apple Daily inquired the Police Force regarding this issue with a reply on confirming two ASD staff entered Sheung Shui Married Police Dormitory area to work in the afternoon on 9th October. During the period, arguments with suspected body collision occur, it may be because of visitor registration and shooting matter, as a result, a security guard sought help from the on-duty police nearby. After mediation, two ASD staff registered with the security then continued working. During the intervention, no on-duty police officer was involved in the conflicts with other people and did not receive any complaints or follow-up request. However, the reply did not mention the identity of the resident, whether an off-duty police officer, but verify no on-duty police had a conflict with people.

Ma Chi-Shing, President of GEA, responded to the inquiry that they had not received any complaint with regards to the ASD engineering supervisor being subdued and injured by a plainclothes officer flowing around the internet. GEA also did not send any messages about writing a letter to the Commissioner of Police. The ASD replied they were trying to find out whether the related event happened.

Sheung Shui Married Police Dormitory was damaged and was thrown petrol bombs on the 5th of this month, which is the first day of Anti-Mask Law implementation, part of the dormitory area was on fire.

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