Airport Apron Parking Space Converted to Police Parking Space after Illegal Parking by Police on Airport Apron

A police car was locked on the airport apron on 22nd March on suspicion of parking violations, after which the AA said staff practices were off and apologiaed for the incident. On 6th April, a netizen posted on the Facebook group “Hong Kong Airport Intelligence Zone (香港機場情報專區)”, showing that the location has now been turned into a parking space for police vehicles and Immigration Department, with “Police / IMM” marked on it. Netizens added the caption “Under the power of obscenity! All kneel down! (Illegal has now become legal)” to the photo.

The Stand News has asked the AA why this arrangement is in place. AA points out that the existing parking rules in the AA bylaws give law enforcement officers relevant exemptions in the course of duty. At the same time, the AA will review from time to time the locations of the closed area vehicles and ground handling facilities at the apron and optimise the signage to meet the operational needs of the airport and optimise the operational efficiency of the apron, taking into account the operational situation. The AA does not comment on personnel matters for individual employees.

On 22nd March, a netizen advertised on FB that a yellow-topped police car that could enter the restricted area of the airport was parked in what is believed to be the airport apron area, only to have its front reel locked. An AA spokesman said at the time that around noon that day, AA staff on patrol mistakenly thought police cars should not be parked in the relevant parking spaces. Upon understanding, the AA noted that the police car was performing its duties and corrected the practice.

The AA has taken the initiative to communicate with the police after the incident, stating that staff deviated in their understanding of the regulations and enforcement procedures and will improve and apologise for the inconvenience caused by the incident.

Cap. 483A Airport Authority Bylaw ─ Section 48 Airside vehicular traffic control

No person shall park or leave or allow a vehicle to be parked or left at a location in the Restricted Area other than a vehicle parking area designated by the Authority.

Cap. 483A Airport Authority Bylaw ─ Section 6 Public officers, etc.

Sections 911(2)12 and 48(7), (8), (9), (12) and (14) shall not apply to, and sections 946(1) and 48(2) shall not apply in respect of a vehicle or vessel being used by, a police officer, an immigration officer or immigration assistant, an officer of the Fire Services Department, a member of the Hong Kong Garrison, a member of the Customs and Excise Service within the meaning of the Customs and Excise Service Ordinance (Cap. 342), the Commissioner, the Deputy Commissioner or an officer of the Independent Commission Against Corruption when he is acting in the course of duty in such circumstances of urgency that the performance of his duty might be frustrated or seriously impaired if the said sections were to apply to him or in respect of the vehicle or vessel being used by him.

Save as provided in subsection (1), this Bylaw shall apply to all public officers and the vehicles and vessels in use.

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