After being arbitrarily arrested when rationing with the police, Community Officer was still pepper sprayed while an officer was drinking water next to her.

at 09:30 on 11th November 2019, a large group of riot police suddenly entered APM in Kwun Tong and arrested many people. One of the arrestees was Edith Leung Yik-ting, a Community Officer in Kwun Tong from the Democratic Party, Leung was pepper sprayed even after being arrested, suffering from great pain. A riot police officer refused to help, he stood in front of Leung, drinking water rather than helping her to clean the pepper spray on his face. An officer with operational call sign “HKT2-3 3/2” were exchanging words with the citizens.

Leung expressed to Apple Daily that she experienced police brutality, stating that officers pepper sprayed her for multiple times, bashed her in the head with batons, pressed her face against the ground, she was seeing a pool of blood and felt dizzy but was ignored by the police. She was taken to the police station first rather than the hospital.

Leung also mentioned that there were wounds both on her forehead and the back of her head, where 5 stitches were needed for treatment and part of her hair was needed to be cut. She stated that she was released on bail, and that she would seek all remedies available at law for the police brutality.


HKUST Radio News Reporting Team

Apple Daily