A woman arrested with excessive force for not able to show her ID card

On 8th December 2019, Joey (pseudonym) was waiting for the bus after gathering with friends. She was wearing a mask and covering her face with a scarf to stay warm. She got searched by a few  riot police officers. “Why do you wear a mask? Why do you cover up your face,” An officer asked. They requested to check her ID card but she forgot to bring it. 

The officers decided to arrest her, surprisingly. She was handcuffed and brought to the police car. A female officer swore at her with foul languages, “no reporters here, stop your acting’. Another officer pressed her head to the seat and crushed her thighs with knees, causing bruises on her right thigh. Police used worse force when she struggled hard. There were scratches on her neck. 

After entering the Mong Kok Police Station, Joey showed them her first aid certificate with her ID card number on it, and a personal octopus card. Police refused to accept those as identification proof. She was then detained without giving any statement. Police officer only took some photos of her and collected her fingerprints. Officers were verbally insulting.

She was sent to hospital after several hours, with her hands and waist tightly bundled by police. She was threatened to be sent to “black room” by police officers before leaving the station, making her panic. 

Medical personnels were very shocked at how violently the police treated her for just not bringing her ID card. Nurses were shocked when she showed them the bruises and scratches. She was granted to be hospitalized for a few days, which made her feel safe. “at least I’m not in danger here, compared to the police station,” she recalled. This horrible experience caused severe emotional trauma to Joey.

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