A group of riot police unlawfully beat the arrested at a dark corner

At 10:20pm yesterday, a large number of riot police arrested at least 3 women and 1 man outside block D of Trend Plaza. Our reader, Mr. Chan, was a witness. He said that there was no conflicts between the police and the citizen. The riot police was setting up a defense line at the bus terminal opposite Block D. Suddenly, the riot police rushed towards the Trend Plaza. Civilians on site scared by the riot police started running away. Those who could not run fast enough were arrested by the police. Some were forced to kneel down by the police. Some were pressed against the ground by the police. Those who were at the hands of the police did nothing to resist but the riot police kept beating them with batons. The riot police showed no intention to stop until they heard people shouting at them saying “I am recording all of these”. Later, the ambulancemen arrived and I saw them talking to the riot police. Mr. Chan believed that the ambulancemen were there to help the injured but were stopped by the riot police.

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