Dislocated shoulders and bone fractures on 11 Aug arrestees. Metal plates and screws inserted inside bodies.

During the conflict on 11 August, six protesters got bone fractures. One of them got very serious wounds. His shoulder was dislocated and the bone inside was broken. The doctor inserted metal plates and screws inside. He said he was arrested on that day because of committing illegal assembly. However, he was not yet charged by the police. He planned to take legal action in suing the police of their excessive use of violence and brutality.

Ah Sun was over 18. He was arrested in Causeway Bay on 11 August when the police were dispersing the crowd. He said he was pressed on the ground by the police. He didn’t even struggle or resist. He was hurt but was not sent to the hospital immediately. He was taken to San Uk Ling Detention Centre instead. At around 3ish am, that is after he was arrested for 5 hours, he was finally sent to North District Hospital. He was attacked seriously. His left closed glenohumeral joint was dislocated, the closed humerus got fractures in four locations. He underwent an urgent surgery in order to insert metal plates and screws to fix the dislocation.

Ah Sun now needed to take pain killers for 4 times a day. He would then have physiotherapies. He was now discussing with the attorney and planned to take legal action of suing them of excessive use of violence and brutality.

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