Five MTR train captains breathed in tear gas residue, one hospitalised

On Sunday and Monday (25th and 26th), 5 train captains, who were suspected to have breathed in tear gas residue and fell ill, sought medical treatment. A Tsuen Wan Line captain had to stop at a nearby station and were sent to the hospital. MTR confirmed that in the past 2 days, 2 Tsuen Wan Line captains on-duty had reported that they were ill after breathing in tear gas. One of them could not continue to work and was hospitalised. The Operations Control Centre arranged the passengers to alight at Mei Foo Station and take another train.

About 5 Tsuen Wan Line and Kwun Tong Line captains sought medical treatment after breathing in chemical substances. It was reported that the tear gas residue had remained inside the train and the cockpit, causing difficulty in breathing.

It is understood that the serial number of the train in question is A261. MTR issued an internal memo yesterday saying the arrangement to have the train checked, the filter be replaced, and deep-cleaned as soon as possible.



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