4 police officers allegedly raped a girl inside a police station. The police tried to hide the case but a lawyer determined to file the case.

According to the medical staff on the Facebook page “HA Secrets”, a 16-year-old girl became pregnant after she was arrested and sent to the Tsuen Wan Police Station. It’s said that she got raped by the Police during her stay in the Tsuen Wan Police Station. Rumors said that the girl had a surgical abortion at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on November 7th. On that same day, some netizens saw that there were two police officers stationed outside the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and they took pictures to record the scenario.

On October 26th, the police posted that “The Complaints Against Police Office did not receive any complaints about sexual assaults happened at San Uk Ling Detention Center”. But on November 9th, with rumors on the internet saying that a girl became pregnant after being raped by the police, the Police Public Relations Branch, in response to the enquiry made by the media, said that The Complaints Against Police Office did receive a complaint reported by lawyer on behalf of his client saying that his client was raped inside the Tsuen Wan Police Station on September 27.

“Apple Daily” tried to understand what have actually happened through different means and found some missing information. The victim is actually 18-year-old. She went to the Accident and Emergency Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in mid-October because she was feeling unwell. The medical staff performed a pregnancy test out of necessity and found out that the girl was pregnant. The girl, with the companion of her mother, told the medical staff about what happened when she was arrested in September by the police. The girl said that she was not wearing black and she was not even on site because of demonstration. She was just happened to be there and then she was taken away by the police and was sent to the Tsuen Wan Police Station. When she was in Tsuen Wan Police Station, she was gang raped by four men in mask. The four men were suspected to be police officers.

The girl resisted reporting the case to the police at the beginning. She was under medical support in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The girl underwent a surgical abortion on November 7th. With ultrasound examination, the fetus was about 7 weeks old. The girl got severely depressed after being raped and didn’t report the case to the police. After many days, with the companion of a lawyer, the girl finally reported the case to the police. A forensic pathologist was called into the investigation, including doing a sample test.

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