3rd August Mong Kok demonstration: arrestee suspected being forced by HK police to wear protest safety gears

Netizens called for a demonstration at Mong Kok on 3rd August 2019 to urge for an independent inquiry into police violence. More than 120 thousand people joined the march. By nightfall, violence escalated as police and protesters clashed. Twelve of the protesters were being charged with unlawful assembly, three of them were released afterwards without charge, the remaining nine plead not guilty. The case will be reviewed before trial at the Kowloon City Magistrates’ Courts today. The defendant objected to place the photo of the accused who was wearing “gear” as evidence since he alleged that the “gear” was not from him. The hearing is scheduled on 13th July 2020, estimated to take 23 days.

There were nine defendants, including six males and three females, ranging from 16 to 35 years old. They faced a common charge of unlawful assembly at the junction of Nathan Road and Argyle Street. A person surnamed Siu was also accused of possession of offensive weapon, which was a laser pointer.

The case will be reviewed before trial today. The prosecution will call 22 witnesses to give evidence. The defendant objected to showing the photos of the accused, who was forced to wear safety gears such as gas mask, which believed to be unfavourable to him. He alleged that the safety gears did not belong to him. Siu’s barrister requested the prosecution to provide details of the count of “unlawful use” of offensive weapons.

According to the prosecution, the identity of the officer who arrested Siu was revealed to the defendant. However, since the officer is still under the Special Tactical Squad, they wished the information would remain confidential. Acting Principal Magistrate Ada Yim Shun-yee believed that the defendant would only use the information for trial only. Siu was detained for other cases, while other defendants were granted bail.

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