2020.05.15 First protester of anti-ELAB movement pleads guilty to rioting, 22-year-old lifeguard sentenced to 4 years in prison

On June 12 last year, in order to prevent the resumption of the Second Reading of the Amendment Bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, civilians surrounded the Legislative Council and the Central Government Complex, and a fierce clash between the police and the public ensued, resulting in the arrest of several people. One young lifeguard had earlier pleaded guilty to riot in the district court, the first protester to plead guilty to riot since the anti-ELAB movement. In handing down his sentence this afternoon, Judge Amanda Jane Woodcock claimed that the case was more serious than the Edward Leung Tin-kei case, a direct attack on the rule of law, using six years as the starting point for sentencing. Since the defendant pleaded guilty, he was finally sentenced to four years in prison. After hearing the sentence, the defendant, through his attorney, thanked all those who had supported him, including his “hands and feet” (blood brothers), family, friends and the legal team. The legal team stated that the defendant was considering an appeal against the sentence.

The defendant was calm after hearing the verdict, and an onlooker shouted at him, “Hang in there, man!” The defendant later expressed, through his lawyer, his gratitude to all those who had supported him, including family, friends and “hands and feet”. The defendant’s girlfriend, who had been in love with him for years, cried out loud outside the courtroom after the verdict. She then went with the defendant’s mother and others to the exit of the Wan Chai Government Offices car park to wait for the prisoner car to say goodbye to the prisoner. At one point more than 100 supporters were present outside the car park chanting slogans such as “Liberate Hong Kong”. However, due to the dark black glass of the prison car, people were not sure whether the defendant was in the car or not. Whenever a prison car pulled out, many supporters would rush up to see off the prison car. The defendant’s girlfriend once walked quickly towards the departing prison car in the hope that she could see her boyfriend and once cried into tears at the prison car.

In addition, the defendant, through his legal team, has indicated that it will consider whether to file an appeal, but this is not yet confirmed.

Sin Ka-ho, now 22, was charged with one count of rioting and two counts of resisting a police officer. The charges alleged that he took part in a riot with other unidentified persons outside the public entrance of the Legislative Council Complex on Legislative Council Road in Central on June 12 last year, and resisted two police officers on duty. The defendant pleaded guilty to the riot charge but not to the two counts of resisting a police officer, which will remain on file in court and not be prosecuted.

The defence barrister, Fiona Nam Hoi-yan, earlier pleaded that the defendant had not premeditated the commission of the offence but had acted on impulse. Although the police officers searched the defendant and found a helmet and a noose on him, they did not find any weapons, and he simply randomly picked up the clutter left by other protesters on the ground that day and threw it at the officers. The defence questioned the prosecution’s reference to a protester throwing a suspected incendiary object at police officers and wondered why it was not detected by the police officers present if it was indeed burning as the prosecution claimed. The prosecution countered that the object had landed under the iron horse and was in a state of confusion or difficult for the officers to detect.


6.12事件首名示威者承認暴動罪 男子判囚4年

【6.12事件首名示威者承認暴動罪 男子判囚4年】1名男子去年在6.12事件涉及參與暴動,他早前承認暴動罪,是反修例運動中首名承認暴動罪的示威者,被告在區域法院被判入獄4年。法官胡雅文表示,控罪非常嚴重,又指當時警方已重複警告,但被告沒有理會。參考同類案件後,決定以6年監禁作為量刑起點,但考慮到被告有悔意及認罪,扣減刑期後判囚4年。現時22歲、報稱救生員的被告冼嘉豪,被控1項暴動罪及2項抗拒警務人員罪,他早前承認去年6月12日,在立法會大樓公眾入口外,連同其他人參與暴動。約一百人在法院外高叫反修例口號,期間有人拍打離開法院囚車的車窗。#香港電台 #金鐘612 #暴動案

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