2020.05.01 Restore 5.1 Golden Week with people spending conscientiously to support the yellow circle to tide over the hard times

Under the epidemic, Hong Kong will be free of mainland China tourists for the first time during the May 1 Golden Week holiday. Today, Labor Day, May 1, also marks the second day of the launch of the “5.1 Golden Week” by the Yellow Economic Circle, calling on the public to spend money in yellow shops, making the May 1 Golden Week a ban in China. Netizens hope that by taking the action to “restore” the first May 1 Golden Week that truly belongs to Hong Kong people, they will remind Hong Kong people to support conscientious spending, call for support for yellow shops and revitalize the “yellow economic circle”.


Encourage conscientious spending by supporting the golden economic circle

A number of civic groups have launched the Golden Week Support for Yellow Shop program, hoping to support fellow citizens who have been affected by the epidemic with practical spending actions. More than 1,500 stores in a variety of industries participate in the program, from eateries to shopping, hair styling to beauty salons, from head to toe and from the inside out, all fighting with conscientious consumer action. Besides offering discounts or giveaways from stores, it’s also a great opportunity for consumers to rediscover the yellow shops around them.


Golden Week Street Stations invite all to join the union

The anti-ELAB movement has set off a wave of trade union formation. On May 1, many newly established trade unions and district councillors will set up more than 50 street stations in various districts. In addition to promoting trade union fronts, some street stations will also distribute epidemic prevention materials and answer questions on labour legislation in the event of epidemic prevention. The trade unions hope that while we spend money during the Golden Week of May, we will also rediscover the true meaning of Labour Day. The fight takes place not only after work, but also in the workplace. By organizing or joining a union, we can gather our strength to fight for better treatment and protection in our industry and defend our own and others’ rights.



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