2020.01.19 Global Sanctions Rally

The Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team has scheduled to hold a “Global Sanctions” rally today, but the rally was rejected by the police.  Only a static rally at the Chater Garden was approved with a no-objection notice. A large number of police officers were on alert around the Hong Kong Island in the afternoon, stopping and checking citizens and journalists at various locations.


【13:20】In Chater Garden, dozens of heavily armed riot police patrolled the area. A man was intercepted by a bag search. Around 30 citizens watched and there were also pickets. The man was checked out for about 15 minutes before being released and he later left Chater Garden.


【14:07】A “Stand News” reporter was surrounded and searched twice by police while covering the news in Queensway, Admiralty. A police officer displayed the reporter’s ID card in front of a camera, and then snatched and damaged his cell phone.

警金鐘截查立場記者 記者身份證鏡頭前阻拍攝

警員再度將《立場》記者身份證放鏡頭前報道:https://bit.ly/2TJpdSG中環遮打花園下午舉行「天下制裁」流水式集會,《立場》記者在金鐘拍攝警方截查行動期間,兩度被警員截查。《立場》記者在第一次被截查期間,以手機攝錄過程,一名警員持續以記者身份證擋鏡頭阻拍攝,過程長達 1 分鐘,刻意阻礙記者拍攝,更將身份證推向鏡頭前。之後警員意圖搶奪記者拍攝的手機,過程中毀壞記者手機螢幕。(畫面經過處理)相關報道:【不斷更新】天下制裁集會 https://bit.ly/2NELy04直播專頁:https://live.thestandnews.com/報料電郵:report@thestandnews.com報料Telegram:t.me/standnewsreport支持立場新聞:https://mystand.thestandnews.com/

Posted by Stand News 立場新聞 on Saturday, 18 January 2020


【15:00】Before the start of the rally, the spokesman of the Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team, Ventus Lau Wing-hong, strongly condemned the police’s extensive stop and search of the public and journalists in the vicinity of the lawful rally today, and the alleged seizure of journalists’ video recording equipment, which has seriously curtailed the freedom of assembly and freedom of press.

【15:20】Citizens who participated in the rally had already burst Chater Garden and Chater Road was full of people.


【16:00】In Des Voeux Road, Central, a police officer suddenly pushed and subdued a man on the ground. The man was then taken away and pepper spray was used at one point during the incident.


【16:15】A barricade was erected at Des Voeux Road, Central, after which the protesters retreated towards Admiralty


【16:30】At around 4:00 pm, a plainclothes police officer demanded the organizers to immediately disband the assembly at Chater Garden. The plainclothes police officer was later assaulted by the protesters. He was then escorted away. At almost the same time, the police fired tear gas outside Chater Garden to disperse the protesters


【16:35】The “Global Sanctions” rally turned into a clash between the police and the public, with the police firing tear gas near Ice House Street in Central


【17:45】Police stop and arrest a number of people at Pedder Street, Central


【18:06】Police later stopped people in a number of districts across the territory. At Russell Street, off Times Square in Causeway Bay, officers stopped two black-clad women who were asked to face the wall. Some officers have Chinese flags on them.


【18:16】A large number of police officers were stationed outside the men’s toilets in Chater Garden, believed to be due to protesters who walked into the toilets to escape police pursuit. The police have blocked off the men’s toilets and stopped the public and reporters from entering the area. So the public can only use the disabled toilet next to it.


【19:05】The spokesman of the Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team, Ventus Lau Wing-hong, said it was estimated that at least 150,000 people attended today’s rally. He believed that if the rally had not been unjustifiably cut short by the police, more people would have attended. He said people were stopped and checked by the police before they arrived at the rally today.  He also criticized the police for arbitrarily halting the rally and rounding up people

【19:23】The spokesman of the Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team, Ventus Lau Wing-hong, met reporters in Wan Chai in the evening to give an account of the number of participants in the rally and to respond to the police’s decision to cut the rally short. After being interviewed by reporters, a large number of police officers suddenly arrived and took Lau away. After the incident, another spokesman of the Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team, Mr. Lam, explained that Lau was arrested by the Police for inciting public emotions in breach of the requirement of not to overwhelm the Chater Garden under the conditions of issue of the Notice of No Objection



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