20190921 Police raises a yellow flag five minutes after rally in Tuen Mun begins

Tuen Mun Park Hygiene Concern Group launched a ‘Reclaim Tuen Mun Park’ rally. (The protest was against middle-aged women from China whose singing and dancing in the park created a nuisance in the neighbourhood.) A few protestors walked onto the road. Police Tactical Unit arrived five minutes after the march began and raised a yellow flag to warn demonstrators: You are in breach of the law. You may be prosecuted. The protesters ignored the warning and Police Tactical Unit then left. Crowds of protesters walked onto the traffic lane of Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road. The ending time specified in the police’s letter of no objection was 17:00. However, at around 16:00, the police raised another blue flag, warning crowds of the use of force, charged forward the march route, and arrested demonstrators.



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