2019.12.25 Christmas “tear gas” fired “in all directions”, police clashes in various districts

People in various districts responded to the Christmas Day “shop with you” event and the conflict continued from the afternoon into the evening. Dozens of people rallied in response to the event at Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay at night, police subdued at least three people in the mall, and a reader provided footage showing about 20 young people being stopped and arrested near the mall and taken away one by one. In addition, police in Mongkok fired tear gas in the evening and once again stopped and intercepted more than 100 people, confronting the public until nearly midnight.

At nearly 1 a.m., police officers, who had been laying guard at Waterloo Road, Sai Yeung Choi Street, suddenly charged forward and fired pepper spray projectile. Dozens of people were stopped by the police and asked to raise their hands and kneel down. The scene police officers kept driving away the reporters who were filming and pointing batons and pepper spray at them.

Telford Plaza, Kowloon Bay

Near 9 p.m., a large number of riot police officers walked into Telford Plaza in Kowloon Bay again, and the officers surged forward and subdued at least three people inside the mall. According to footage provided by readers, police officers then used pepper spray, and a number of onlookers and journalists were pepper sprayed “in the face”. Approaching the McDonald’s location in Telford Plaza, about 20 young men were detained by police, who asked for the phone to be unlocked and someone complied. All of the young men in the group were eventually arrested.



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In the evening, an elderly man who was planning to enter the shopping mall shouted “Support the Hong Kong Police” and attacked a girl in the mall, attempting to snatch her mobile phone. Civilians on the scene stepped to protect. Later, the riot police officer swooped in and arrested the two men who had come to protect the girl, and took the elderly man by the shoulders.

【2150】撐警男頭撞記者 獲警搭肩護送離開

【2150】撐警男頭撞記者 獲警搭肩護送離開在晚上9時許,警方正在德福廣場截查市民。期間一名橙衣男子高呼「支持香港警察」,並向旁人施襲。有兩名出手阻止的人反被防暴警察拘捕。理大學生報編委會的影片,更清楚拍攝到該橙衣男子一度用頭撞記者面部及相機,另一年輕男子靠近疑想拉開橙衣男子時被警察制服。之後有警員將手搭在橙衣男子肩上,並護送他離開。理大學生報編委會強烈譴責一切妨礙新聞自由的行為,亦質疑警察安撫阻撓拍攝的市民,不斷以胡椒噴霧指嚇記者的行為,是妨礙香港新聞自由的幫凶。影片來源:理大學生報編委會

Posted by Stand News 立場新聞 on Wednesday, 25 December 2019


APM, Kwun Tong

As for APM in Kwun Tong, nearly a hundred riot police officers showed up at night and some witnesses saw people arrested on the sixth floor of the mall. However, police officers cordoned off the mall extensively, preventing journalists from going to the upper floors to film. Journalists saw that at least two men were taken away.


The Riot Police reinforced the scene of Argyle Street near Langham Place at nearly 10pm, blocked a section of Argyle Street lane, and drove away members of the public and journalists present. Nearly a hundred civilians were taken to the roadside to be stopped and searched; some were then put on cable tie and taken to police vehicles. The occupation of Nathan Road continued throughout the night and officers warned repeatedly, and the standoff continued until midnight.

Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. A man was taken away in handcuffs by police officers at about 7pm after an officer accused him of pushing officers on the scene and arrested on suspicion of assault.

New Town Plaza, Shatin

Police made two arrests in the afternoon and evening at New Town Plaza in Shatin, arresting about 10 people who had been sprayed with pepper spray while officers were subduing members of the public, and some of the arrestees were hit by the spray and needed to remove their face masks and tops. The journalists saw that there were also police officers who had been pepper sprayed by their fellow officers in the confusion, with red faces and the need to wash their ears. New Territories South commander Rupert Dover also got pepper sprayed.

Suspected police officers were stationed at Shatin New Town Plaza throughout the night. Dozens of suspected plainclothes officers gathered at the mall, all wearing masks and some wearing orange arm bands. Some of the shops on the spot were still open, but there were very few civilians and customers.


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