2019.12.08 International Human Rights Day March

Today marks the”International Human Rights Day March” organised by the Civil Human Rights Front. This march was the first one in four months that was granted a notice of no objection by police, and netizens called for “PRNs” (Peaceful, Rational, Non-violent protesters) to return in numbers. Based on data from ASI Data Science, veteran columnist Lee Hung Yin estimated the number of participants to be between 343,000 and 643,000, which is fewer than the 1.7 million that participated in the assembly on 8 August.


【12:30】In a press conference at noon, the police confirmed the seizure of weapons in a number of districts earlier in the day. Specifically, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and 5 magazines, 3 of which were loaded, and 105 rounds were seized from a property on Fortress Hill Road in Tin Hau. Senior Superintendent Steve Li Kwai Wah of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau referred to intelligence showing that a radical group previously involved in the throwing of petrol bombs at the Mong Kok Police Station on 20 October had planned to use firearms to cause chaos in today’s march.  This included shooting of police officers, or to frame the police for shooting passer-by’s.

【13:00】Wanchai MTR station exits A1, B2 and C is closed off and patrolled by riot police. Armed police officers are seen stationed in the MTR station.


【13:40】Katsube from Hiroshima, Japan had read about news on Hong Kong and flew from Japan in support of Hong Kongers, saying: “Japan supports Hong Kong”. The words on the back of his top means “The Belief In Your Heart”.


【14:00】Around thirty officers in riot gear stationing outside the Police Headquarters in Wan Chai has prohibited people, including reporters, from remaining in the area.


【14:18】The lawns of Victoria Park is filled with people as large numbers head to the starting point of the march. People have started to spill out onto the road on Hennessy Road outside Sogo Department Store, Causeway Bay.


【14:19】Police officers displayed the black flag in the vicinity of the Sino Plaza Shopping Arcade on Percival Street, Causeway Bay, 40 minutes to the official start of the march.


【14:45】In an interview earlier, Jimmy Sham Tsz-Kit, representing the Civil Human Rights Front, said that the organisers had made every effort to cooperate with the authorities to ensure the safety of the participants of the march. He urged the police to exercise restraint and allow more access to the participants, and not to disperse the crowd with force. Mr Sham emphasized that over the last few months, Hong Kong had endured a catastrophic humanitarian crisis and people chose to march on International Human Rights Day to connect with the world and tell the world of the situation in Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong will continue fight for the five demands and will not shy away from challenges ahead.

【15:00】Civil Human Rights Front declares commencement of the march.


【15:30】Participants packed the streets of Causeway Bay, with the march having reached Wan Chai.


【16:00】A protester displaying a sign on a tram stop, urging people to sign up to unions to prepare for long-term striking actions.


【16:30】Crowds are still congregated on Causeawy Road outside Victoria Park as the march reaches Central. The march is proceeding slowly due to a large number of people joining mid-way.

【16:47】The march has reached the finishing line on Chater Road, Central. Organisers call for participants to disperse peacefully under instructions of stewarts.

【17:00】The black flag is displayed by riot police on Paterson Street.


【17:05】 On Des Voeux Road Central, a water cannon truck has been brough in and dozens of officers are positioned to stop protesters from heading into Sai Wan.


【17:10】A helicopter patrols Causeway Bay from above.


【17:30】Riot police positioned on Paterson Street pushes forwards, pointing their pepper spray canisters at bystanders. One of the officers could be heard saying “Come over here cockroaches! Do you want some pesticide?”



Posted by Stand News 立場新聞 on Sunday, 8 December 2019


【17:31】Police displays the black flag on Harcourt Road, warning of the use of tear gas.


【17:55】Hennessy Road remains occupied by the procession. Protesters held up flashlights, creating a sea of light.


【18:11】City Broadcasting Channel (CBC) reports that a petrol bomb was thrown at one of the entrances to The High Court, causeing debris to burst in flames.


【18:35】Two man has been stopped by riot police on Yee Wo Street. One of them was arrested, for reasons unclear, with reporters spotting an Amercian flag amongst the items found in his possession.


【18:50】There is an altercation in Central as reporters trying to capture images was shoved back by riot police.Warning flags were not displayed as officers raised their firearms used for tear gas and peppar-spray pellets, pointing it at an old lady pushing a wooden cart at one point.


【18:53】A Chiyu Banking Corporation branch was vandalised.


【20:15】Jimmy Sham, representing the Civil Human Rights Front, annouced at press conference that around eight hundred thousand people participated in today’s march.



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